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Sunday, March 24, 2013

smile like rasulullah

Not difficult to present our own smile, but that smile made it difficult in the face emerge. Knows where not calm when being in clutter, can still smile to a friend. The smile is a wonderful creation of God, but also is kuntuman beautiful smile that always presented the Prophet Muhammad, the perfect man should emulate the characteristics, behavior and attitude.

There are some interesting things in themselves are rarely expressed he saw many of of his smile. Glance, it may seem small and not significant, but when studied, in fact smile Prophet positive impact that's wonderful. Wisdom, a lot of success in his mission as a Prophet disseminate leaflets monotheism due to his smile and friendliness.

Many Smiling

Because of that, the Prophet can influence people so much that he loved and respected friends, foes alike. Companions of the Prophet's life is a witness to the full with a smile. Among the great friend once told me how beautiful smile Prophet is' Umar. Umar said,

"The Messenger of Allah smiled and he was the most good teeth."
(Hadith narrated by Ibn Hibban)

Another companion of the Prophet, Abdullah bin Al-Harist said,

"Never have I seen someone who smile more than the Prophet."
(Hadith narrated by At-Tirmidhi)

Grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, Caliph Hussein also illustrates how attitudes Prophet which are recorded by Imam At-Tirmidhi, he says,

"I asked my father ('Ali) on the Prophet's manners and ethics of people to hang out with him. My father said: He always smiled, yet humble manners, he was not a rough, do not like calling out, not artisan blemish , not blamer her favorite food. Anyone expecting certainly will not be disappointed, and anyone who meets the invitation will surely always be satisfied. "

Smile To Anyone Only

Prophet even in anger, to display her smile even to people who do not. Matter ever recorded Imam Bukhari mentioned that Saiditina She said:

"There is a man asking for permission to meet with the Prophet. When he saw him from a distance, then he said: He is an evil brother and son in relatives. Yet when people (Uyainah) was already seated, he gave a smile at face and accept the arrival of the good heart. But when he was gone, she said to the Prophet: O Messenger of Allah, when you last saw him from a distance when you said so and so. But then you look cheerful after his forehand and receive coming with kindness. Later the Prophet said: 'A'ishah, when you see me doing is not good? "

Imam al-Hadith Khataby preach when it said, "This Hadith is seen from the manners and knowledge". Prophet's speech about yourself Uyainah an indication that he did not like ghibah explicitly mentioned. Ghibah occur between people of the Muslim part of the rest. However, his behavior is explained and expressing them in the form of advice and love for his people.

Because he was awarded the nature of generosity and good manners, then he saw the radiant face and no difficulties facing people did not like. He acts so that Muslims imitate him, so as to avoid ugliness that can happen to people and they can be safe from evil and intrigue.

Prophet's character is so wonderful, even if one does not like, and he exhibits a smile and a warm welcome Uyainah. As followers who claimed that he is the best man and a prophet and messenger, would not we be ashamed for not follow his act ever presented to the public smile.

Insisted When to

Prosperous those who follow the Prophet act as price priceless smile with money. His firmness can also be seen in the hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim on the women of the tribe Makhzumiyah steal. Quraish confused with the matter because they know the punishment the thief according to Islamic law is the cutting off of hands (according to specified conditions).

They ask anyone who dares to see the Prophet's request her release. Usamah recommended meet the Prophet because the Prophet love Usamah. Usamah then go and talk to the Prophet to ask for her defense. Then the Messenger of Allah said:

"So you want to intercede (defense) against one of the commandments of God?"

After saying the verse, the Prophet stood up and addressed:

"O people, those who race your destruction before you is because if a noble person committed theft, they leave. But when they find the weak among them stole, they will pass sentence on him. 'By Allah, if Fatima, daughter of Muhammad steal, I would cut off her hand ".

Therefore, let us make the Prophet's smile and firmness as a guide and at the same time assessing the wisdom of hindsight. Senyumlah, because a smile is never cut living one, even with a smile heart feel calm and always pleasing others. While Insist in need so that no religion was little.

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