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Sunday, March 24, 2013

rich at world,rich at akhirat

How beautiful lives of the rich. Speak only what is desired, almost everything can get. In fact, if moved to anywhere, there just wanted to give first class style hospitality. So when asked to anyone - Shall be destitute or bankrupt? The answer is no!

However, in the many attempts to avoid becoming bankrupt in the world, some of which were forgotten to take precautions so as not to bankrupt the next. That is why there is a passion and enrich themselves with all kinds of ways either 'halal' or 'haram'. But in between there is also tucked a few people who passionately preparing to rich in the afterlife. Just unfortunately, they were destitute of the world.

According to Associate Professor Hj Mohd Nor Mamat, a lecturer at the Center for Islamic Thought & Understanding, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, a Muslim must not only pursue worldly luxuries, but also wealth hereafter. This is based on a verse found in the Qur'an.

Allah Almighty says: "Let the village claim hereafter to (wealth) which Allah has given to you, and do not forget the (fortunately) you from the world, and do good (to others) as Allah has done good to thee, and thou shalt do disaster on earth. Surely Allah loves not those who perpetrate this disaster. " (Al-Qashash: 77)

Further he said, the assessment of the bankrupt in the world is based on the property, while the hereafter is the reward. Therefore, to be wealthy individuals in 'Day' later, the world's wealth should be transformed or converted into reward.

Perform transformation

"We can not only to the pursuit of wealth in the world or just to the hereafter only., We can not become bankrupt in the world, just to be rich in the afterlife. We need both. Reasons the best man is rich in rich world and in the hereafter. In other words, he's rich treasure and rich reward, "he elaborate.

Connect Prof Hj Mohd Nor, wealthy individuals lucky because he can change his world assets to enable him to invest reward in the hereafter. This is different about those who are less fortunate, especially a mendicant. However, those who are to remember - if today he is rich in the world, it is possible he could go bankrupt in the next mound of wisdom failed to use its property in his way. And may be the property will also cause him to delay in heaven.

However, for those who are lacking, despite the opportunity to double the reward of the Hereafter is not a rich man, he was actually lucky. This is because the said Assoc Prof Hj Mohd Nor, less property would cause him less sin in the process of handling the existing property.

It is undeniable that there are many ways to earn reward in the hereafter for the sake of wealth. Incapacitated for the material, of course spend most acceptable form of God can convert it to a reward. However, he stressed, there are several conditions that must be complied with.

"The first one of the things we spend does not include the illegal things. Secondly, the intention must be sincere as God. Thirdly, we have to do it consciously. If mistaken for it, is included in the category are not aware of. So there is no reward. And the fourth did not deny God's instructions to another. if all conditions above, property expenses we will turn to reward hereafter, "he said, adding it was also known as a condition of public worship.

Commenting description of someone who is willing to spend the entire estate to charity, Associate Professor Hj Mohd Nor said it was not the best way to invest in the hereafter. "If we want to get a lot of rewards as share in the Hereafter, nor let us all destitute, can not live in the world ... We have to look at models of the Prophet," he said.

> Commenting further, he cited the story of the time of the Prophet Muhammad. He once said to his companions - who desires a reward in the afterlife with the desire to take their property? So Abu Bakr stood up and said yes. Prophet asked how much? And Abu Bakar said the overall desire to want wealth to the left is the messenger and God.

Hearing the words of Abu Bakr, the Prophet continued to say can not. Then Umar Al-Khattab was standing with the desire to take half of his wealth. This was rejected by him. Instead the Prophet insisted that only one third that can diinfakkan. The rest is for self and family.

Charitable to family

Connect Prof Hj Mohd Nor, further, even if someone is doing something to win a reward for the hereafter, he can not put himself in the world in the abyss of destruction. To put it simply, a Muslim may not intentionally harm himself. In addition, he also criticized some Muslim who consider dole should not be given to the family. Strictly speaking, this is one of misunderstanding should be corrected.

"For charity in Islam actually began from kin first. Meaning if we do not give enough food to our families, but we give alms to others even orphans, that's about one. We have to prioritize your family, then new to the children orphans. aunt If we are poor, we have to first to my mother. Reasons alms to the mother's more important, "tell.

In addition, to increase the share reward in the hereafter, one should also be knowledgeable. This is because with the knowledge he would be wise to make a choice because he knew that the man should be a priority. "Scholars have said, people do things a little knowledge. But the rewards are many reasons she knows which one is a priority. He is wise in identifying investment opportunities."

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